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We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt to Client processes and strategies to meet the demands of the energetic and dynamic resource Industry.

StarDot is a Canadian based company founded in 1994 providing high quality resource personnel to clients on permanent, contract or Flow-Through engagements.

Our business structure is such that it makes it economical for customers of all sizes to use our services. We cater to small, medium and large entities. Although we have Preferred Vendor Agreements and Master Agreements with most reputable large National organizations, our flexible and accommodating business model in assessing each company on its own merit allows us to work within the budget of the smallest of companies including start-ups.

Emphasizing strategic flexibility in adapting to the changing requirements of customers and candidates, we offer a friendly co-operative environment to ensure that the best fit candidate attains their next career assignment. We remove the rigidity often adhered to by traditional recruiting companies.

Why choose Us?


Why choose Us?


Why choose Us?


Why choose Us?



Enhancing your business through flexibility and understanding.


StarDot provides qualified and professional candidates on a contract basis for terms specified by our customers. We provide the flexibility to enhance any organization by allowing our resources to focus on meeting the client’s deliverables and measurable.


StarDot provides qualified and professionals on a full-time permanent basis therefore allowing the client to secure the expertise and availability of an individual for an extended period of time.


StarDot provides this service to both clients and contractors. The premise basically is utilizing StarDot as a 3rd Party between the Client and Contractor thereby providing considerable benefits to both parties. A summary of these benefits are as follows:


Our Fee structure is based on a consistent schedule to ensure that the customer attains the best-fit candidates and that the contractors are satisfied with their compensation based on the job descriptions.

The Fee provides for the opportunity for our client’s to meet their budgetary constraints. This model allows the customers to flow a bonus or rate increase directly to the contractor without increasing the amount retained by StarDot as a fee.


The model is two tiered based on a set hurdle and is based as a percentage of the first year annual salary. This allows StarDot to be an innovator by providing resources at a rate substantially below the competition.
We strive to lead the industry, not follow it.

StarDot provides customers with a three-month satisfaction policy on permanent placements from date of hire. If our client wishes to remove a resource due to incompatibility, we will submit resumes for a replacement and, if one is chosen, that resource will be hired at no additional cost to the client. If a suitable replacement is not found, we will provide a one-year credit note for the amount of the placement fee that may be applied to any subsequent permanent placement within that customer company.

For the Employer

The process allows StarDot to manage the accumulation/ approval of independent contractor timesheets into one aggregate invoice to the Client. For Supply Services, contracts are reduced to one Master Agreement between them and StarDot as opposed to having to negotiate numerous independent agreements. This removes substantial administrative duties from the Client’s in-house staff and therefore Accounts Payable receives, and processes, one invoice as oppose to a large volume thereof. This process also provides the Client with Contractors that are covered by General Liability Insurance, Errors & Omissions Insurance and WCB which are not the normal coverage carried by most independent contractors.

For the Contractor

The process allows the contractor to be buffered for coverage of General Liability Insurance, Errors & Omissions Insurance and WCB. Increasingly, Clients are requiring these minimal coverage’s from its contractors. It alleviates the Contractor’s administration duties as StarDot prepares/reviews contracts, invoices/collects from the client, negotiates rates/terms on initial/extension agreements, and provides the Independent Contractor to work with StarDot as a team as opposed to in isolation. It ultimately provides a venue for independent contractor to work into clients that have preferred resource vendors in place.

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We will only contact those candidates that are best fits for our client's requirements.

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